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Get Real & Clear Value!

The basic intention of this portal is to help you do your due-diligence, should you be in the grind of buying property in Bangalore.
It pains us when we see huge complexes being constructed on erstwhile lake-beds, encroached parks, graze/forest lands & such green spaces. The storm water drains and streams which once connected all the major water bodies in Bangalore are now more or less extinct! It is another matter of fact that Bangalore has its own set of 'Campa Colas' waiting to happen (for demolition), but sadly, it will be the truly hardworking sons & daughters of the city who will bear the brunt ultimately.
The prescription we propose here is 'due-diligence & prevention is better than cure'.
We're simply akin to a lot of fellow citizens out there who've seen the destruction of Bangalore unfold over the past two decades and it is just that we decided to put some of our skills to better use through this pursuit. You may be right in reasoning that our wishful thinking is a little too far fetched, but we choose to take that in stride :)
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